little thoughts.

what is this.

it's a collection of little thoughts. stuff that passes through your mind when you're lying awake at 4am. facts that you like. whatever.

you can add your own thought too. here are some ideas if you're short on imagination:

they don't actually have to be little.

please type properly, and in english. i'd like to be able to understand every language in the world, but i can't. sorry.

if you're talking about another thought in yours, put a # before its thought number. the number will automatically be turned into a link to the other thought.

by adding, you give us the right to use, modify and remove your thought however we want, but you'll never be able to be identified from your thought. unless you include personally identifiable information, which would just be stupid.

there's also an image which shows random thoughts. it's quite nice for things like forum signatures.

i have twitter and facebook and you can email me too. i like getting email and it would be lovely to hear from you.

and if you think this sucks, i only have one thing to say to you: your mother is a cow.