little thoughts.

I took yesterday as my cue to back off when you said that maybe you should leave me alone a litle. I told you to get real about that one and how it was always me bothering you all the time. Because I just want to talk.. All the time. You never replied and I knew there wouldn't be anything different about today, but yet I caught myself checking my phone more times than I care to admit. It's really not fair at all for me to feel this way and how creepy am I right now for typing this out; you're not my man. You can't tell me you think about me all the time and when I was gone how much you missed me, and when I'm around how I help your chemical imbalance just enough to make it ok for that amount of time, and then expect nothing to move inside me in a way I can't ignore. Despite the years in between us, I think you and I both know we have a lot in common. We connect on somewhat of a different level. At least, I like to think so. But how stupid am I right now. No one is ever going to read this. Espeically not you. Every time you push me away, you're teaching me how to live without it.

this is thought #43014.

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