little thoughts.

It's been 158 days since I last spoke to you. 23 weeks & 4 days since I finally decided my life was better without you in it.
It's been 133 days,19 weeks & 6 days since you last tried to speak to me & I ignored you. I left you on unread & completely ignored your birthday for the first time in 3 years.
Life has been so much better, calmer & I can finally relax again, without wondering when the next time we'll speak, or when the next time you'll message me, because you're horny, want to annoy me or a simply a little lonely.

I've been through such tough times in the last 19 weeks- suicide of two close friends, but I didn't call you, or reach out to you. And I am so proud of myself for that, I no longer need you, or need to hear your voice when I'm upset. Not like you ever gave me any sympathy when I was sad.

Finally, 4 years later I have come to the conclusion that although I will always love you,I no longer like you anymore. You are a mean, selfish, self obsessed malaka.
So when will the day come that when I am dating someone, I no longer look for the little things I found in you 4 years ago?

I wish you no happiness & I hope no other woman falls for you the way I did, you are not capable of loving someone the way they deserve.

My only question is- do you ever think of me? Do you ever miss me? Regret breaking my heart into a million tiny pieces? Or am I just a distant memory to you now that you put to the very back of your mind?

I can't wait for the day karma breaks your heart until you are so broken, the exact same way you broke me 2 years ago.

this is thought #43007.

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