little thoughts.

this image will display thoughts pulled randomly from this website. it'll only display thoughts about six lines long though, to stop it from getting really big. it's quite nice for things like forum sigs. the background is transparent so it will display properly whatever colour the forum is.

this is the image:

lovely, i'm sure you'll agree. refresh the page for a new thought.

use this code to show the image on a forum. forums use different styles of bbcode. if the first one doesn't work, try the second one.



if your forum uses a different system for showing images then i'm sure you can figure out the address you need to use. you look like an intelligent person. please make sure the image links back to though.

it would be very nice if you could get in touch with me if you decide to use this, because it would give me a warm fuzzy feeling inside. you don't have to though.