little thoughts.

the little thoughts book is available now.

it contains 200 pages of the most thinkingest thoughts from the first year and a half and a bit of the site.

it's shiny and pretty and white and 50% of the proceeds from each book will be donated to amnesty international.

you can see how shiny and pretty it is for yourself (click for big):

for the cheapest shipping, select us postal regular media (if you're in the usa) or international economy (if you're anywhere else) at the checkout.

the book is available to order from the lovely people over at lulu. they're far better than the singer lulu, who is a bit crap. your order will go through their secure server so you won't suddenly find your card being used to buy timeshares in hawaii. you can pay using paypal too, if that's your thing. something for everyone here, oh yes.

go get it.